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Posted by on June 20, 2011 at 7:38 pm.

If you want to find some tips on how to burn fat, try the fat burning furnace program, which is at www.fatburningfurnace.com.   While there, you can find all sorts of information, such as fast-fit tips, foods that will help you lose belly fat and exercising tips.

For instance, did you know that you could lose extra cellulite with coffee grounds?   The website advises you to use USED coffee grounds and make a paste out of olive oil.  Put the mixture in an old nylon stocking.   About 10 minutes before you shower, rub the mixture on the problem area, and let it sit on your skin, and then take a shower, not a bath.   Start doing it a couple times a week while on the fat burning furnace plan and your skin will start to tighten.

Also, drink oolong tea instead or green tea to help you burn 2 times more calories.   These are the kinds of tips you will find on website.  Speaking of drinks, the website also shows you what drinks to avoid, like 100% juice (eating au natural is better), zero-calorie flavor water (it has artificial sweeteners in them), fancy gourmet coffees (black coffee is better), and soy milk.

Also on the website, there are a couple of recipes that you can make for your family tonight, such as “Breakfast for Dinner.”  It is basically a healthier breakfast burrito made with cage-free organic eggs, nitrate free chicken or turkey breast, a cup of diced broccoli, and ½ cup of pre-shredded cheese, and after it is cooked in a skillet, wrap it with a sprouted grain tortilla.  Recipes like these are supposed to be healthier and more beneficial to the body, and will help burn belly fat.   You can also adapt some of your favorite recipes to this plan.

Like some of the other fat burning plans, this website mentions things that do not work, such as fad diets and long, boring cardio workouts. The website also mentions getting 6 pack abs on men or a flatten stomach on women.   The site promises that you will get these results through eating right and exercising the right way.   There are no suggestions of getting a doctor’s permission before embarking on a life changing event such as a weight loss or fat burning program.   While other people suggest that you do not eat past certain hours, this website encourages you to eat before going to bed.

Attitude is another helpful thing according to the website that needs to be changed.   Having the right mindset is the key to everything you do in life, and the same goes for this program.   If you go in thinking this program is not right for you, then it will not be.   However, if you go in thinking that you can work this program according to rules and principles guiding it, then you are on the right track, and you can burn the fat, and keep it off.   Keep in mind that this program is a process, and it takes time and energy on your part to make it happen.

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