What is the FBF plan?

Posted by on October 14, 2011 at 8:17 pm.

The FBF plan, also known as the FatBurning Furnace plan, is a program that helps boost your metabolism rate, which in turn will help you burn body fat and lose weight.  The author of the program has one of the most successful weight loss plans out in the industry today, and it has helped dozens of people to achieve their ultimate weight loss goal.  Some of the ways you can keep the weight off are:

-          Dietary.  You can eat your favorite foods without the guilt, counting calories, and eating only three times a day.  You do this by eating smaller meals, which is a way to help control the insulin levels in the body.  This is also used by diabetics to help control their sugar levels.   The only thing that you have to give up is some of these sugary, over processed foods, which give nothing but empty calories, and empty promises to lose weight.

-          Exercise.  The way to exercise is not by doing long periods of aerobics, but by weights.  The author of the program does not believe in this sort of exercise which can hurt you in the long run.  Instead, he believes that if you exercise for only 15 minutes a day, three days a week.  If you do this, then you can exercise less a still maintaining a resting metabolic rate.  This will allow you to continue to burn body fat, even when you are not exercising every day.

-          Mindset.  Before getting started with any weight loss plan, you have to have the will, the motivation, and ambition to get started.  Once you get started with this plan, you have to being willing to change your habits by exercising the right way, keeping a positive attitude, and eating according to the plan stated out in the book.

These are some of the secrets laid out according to the book and its author, in order to help the reader achieve their optimal goal.   The author goes into detail about how the body starves for micronutrients-vitamins and minerals, which are the reason why the body stays, hunger all the time.  By satisfying those cravings, you automatically eat less.   The program is presented in a simplified manner.   The program also provides an in depth look into what foods to eat, and what to avoid, and also gives you simple eating plans for you to use.   You also get free recipes to enjoy.

Another benefit to the plan is you are able to trick your body into burning more calories than the average person, who do not use the plan.   It shows you how to do it in the shortest amount of time how you can go from a size 16 to a size 6 by just following the plan.

Does this plan really work?   Yes, it can, and it can help you get to the goal you want in the shortest amount of time, eating what you love, and exercising 45 minutes a week.   How cool is that?

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