The FBF Plan

Posted by on July 8, 2011 at 7:43 pm.

There seem to be more weight loss and body shaping plans out there than people to follow them. Every time you read a magazine, watch TV or check your email there is some new program, product or celebrity endorsement to lure you in and convince you that they are the only way to lose weight and get the body you really want. So many of them, though, are based on obscure, strange-sounding concepts that you can’t completely trust. You should never embark on a plan for something as delicate and important as your future health that you don’t totally understand and believe. Sure, some of these programs that are based on extreme restriction of certain nutrients or calories, only allow fluids or endorse extensive, exhausting exercise can boast huge results from many customers. But at what cost? Many of them do not have any long-term studies that can show the actual effects of these types of programs on a user’s body or the actual success rate when you take into consideration maintaining whatever weight is lost. It is much safer, and wiser, to choose a program that is based on explainable, understandable, scientifically-backed ideas that the company is not afraid to outline. By going into a program fully informed, you can be sure you are not only making the right decision about the program and its potential benefits for you and your life, but can know that you will be following the program correctly as to achieve the best results possible.

The 15 Minute Miracle FBF plan is one of those amazing programs that is not afraid to let it all hang out and welcome users right into its inner-workings to explain exactly why it works and what types of results a user can realistically expect. These results are predictable because the program is so carefully designed and so securely based in strong scientific knowledge that the experts are able to determine how bodies will react to it. First, the company is called Fat Burning Furnace for a reason. The exercises and diet described in the program materials, including a full-length ebook called “Blueprint”, focus on increasing your body’s muscle mass. Muscle tissue burns more calories just for its own maintainance every day than non-muscle tissue. This caloric burn, which is increased even further for a time after a workout, continues even when you are resting. When the calories that your body is burning to function exceeds the number of calories that you are putting in to it with food, the body must rely on fat stores for the fuel it needs. This means weight loss. The reason these results happen so quickly in the program is that the workouts are focused not on fat burn but completely on gaining and maintaining the muscle tissue that will support increased calorie burn. The diet program is meant to act in conjunction with the exercises, using combinations of normal, natural foods to keep your body feeling energized and satisfied. It is just that simple. A diet and exercise program that work together to create fat burning muscles and encourage their work.

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