The FBF Diet is a Real-life Solution

Posted by on September 22, 2011 at 8:01 pm.

If you are like most people in today’s fast-paced society, you have much more to think about than your weight loss-focused diet plan. You are busy and distracted by so many other things that much of the time your diet is pushed to the back burner and you find yourself relying on the old stand-by meals to feed yourself and your family. Making the decision to embark on a weight loss and body-reshaping plan can be complicated by the worry that a diet just won’t fit into your already complex life. You’re concerned that the special foods many diets require will be too expensive to fit into your household budget or that the unusual ingredients others suggest won’t make meals that your children will want to eat. This could mean that you would have to make separate meals for you and your family, or even not sit down to eat with them at all. Add to that the worry that a new diet will leave you hungry, irritable, or too tired to go about your day-to-day obligations, and the idea of starting a weight loss plan can be too much to handle even before it is started.

Fortunately, you don’t need to overwhelm yourself with fears about starting a diet. There is a program out there that is easy to follow, super effective and offers a complete, simple and delicious diet plan that you can implement in your life without feeling as if you are sacrificing. The Fat Burning Furnace is different from other diet programs.

In fact, its creator, Rob Poulos, doesn’t even like to call it a “diet.” He prefers that you think of the changes as a lifestyle, something that can be adopted and maintained forever rather than just endured for a short period to gain whatever results it can offer. This is because the FBF diet is not based on extreme restriction of calories, fat, or carbohydrates, or consumption of freeze-dried or pre-packaged foods that force you to subsist on tiny portions of less-than-delicious meals. The main concept of this diet plan is the proper combinations of fat, protein, fruits, and vegetables that will keep your body feeling energized and satisfied so that it will function at its peak.

This diet also supports the survival of lean muscle tissue, which is the core concern of the complementing exercise routine known as the 15-Minute Miracle. By encouraging the development and maintenance of muscle tissue, the exercises allow you to achieve huge caloric burns during workouts that then translate into an increased metabolism and a larger caloric need daily. When the calories your body needs to maintain itself, including the upkeep of muscle tissue, go beyond the calories that you eat, your body turns to fat stores to fuel itself, which equates to weight loss.

Following the sample meal plans in the program’s “Blueprint” eBook will give you a head start and teach you to plan your own menus to please yourself and your family. The program even offers a “cheat sheet” of powerful fat-burning foods, including turkey breast, egg whites and watermelon, that will help you make the most out of your meals.

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