Be Informed with the FBF Book

Posted by on October 6, 2011 at 8:13 pm.

Have you ever started a diet with high hopes of success, only to soon feel like you have been left hanging? It can be frustrating and discouraging to start on a journey for something as important and delicate as weight loss and body reshaping just to be set out on your own with no real information, explanations, or support. Many weight loss programs are like this. They promise huge results in remarkable time if you follow their particular plan but that is all you get. They don’t give you in-depth information about the program or explain exactly why they believe it’ll work. The Fat Burning Furnace program is different.

The Fat Burning Furnace, also referred to as the 15 Minute Miracle, is a complete weight loss and body reshaping program designed by Rob Poulos, who once suffered from obesity and wanted to design a program that could help others escape the unhealthy, distressing life of being overweight. The program features a powerful exercise routine and easy-to-follow diet plan anchored by scientific belief. The exercise program, the actual 15 Minute Miracle, is based around short bursts of high-intensity weightlifting repetitions that encourage the development of lean muscle tissue. These exercises are different from the workouts suggested by other plans, which include long bout of cardio work intended to produce fat burning during the actual workouts. Instead, the 15 Minute Miracle focuses on muscle conditioning, which burns calories and boosts the metabolism. A high metabolism continues to burn calories at an accelerated rate long after the workout actually ends. The muscle tissue developed also requires more calories daily just to be maintained. When this burn is higher than the number of calories you eat in a day, your body will turn to fat storage for fuel. This means weight loss!

To support the workouts, the FBF diet plan uses food combinations eaten at regular intervals to encourage your body’s proper functioning and leave you feeling full of energy, healthy and not hungry. This diet is easy to follow and easy to adapt to your own tastes. The most important part of this program is its strong support structure that keeps you well informed, in control and encouraged. At the core of this support system is the included eBook, “Blueprint.”

This full-length eBook is filled with useful information about how your body uses the various nutrients and compounds in food to fuel itself and perform its functions. Broken up into clear sections, the FBF book tells you why the diet plan is laid out the way it is, why it will work, and why the “diets” other programs offer don’t provide you effective, long-lasting weight loss that an actually be maintained in normal living. The book goes on to give extensive detail about the FBF program, from menus to exercise tips, so that you can know you are going into a program well-informed and prepared to grab hold of your goals. This book is available with the program for immediate access as an instant download so you can immediately begin learning about the program without having to wait for anything to come in the mail, or going to a bookstore.

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