The Foods of the 15 Minute Miracle Diet

Posted by on October 9, 2011 at 8:14 pm.

If you are like most people, the word “diet” brings up images of extreme calorie, fat or carbohydrate restriction, dull, flavorless food in tiny, unsatisfying portions. Even worse are the diet plan meals that are prepackaged, frozen, dehydrated  or comprised entirely out of ingredients you not only can’t identify but can’t pronounce. This can turn even the most determined person away from adopting a weight loss plan. If you are going to be tired, hungry, and irritable and hate every precisely measured bite of food you put in your mouth you are not going to stick with the program so what’s the point of even starting? Honestly, there is no point. If you are going to suffer through a few days, or even a couple of weeks, of a restrictive, unpleasant menus that won’t satisfy you and will force you to make separate meals for you and your family because they definitely won’t touch it, only to give up and binge yourself into a 5 pound gain, there is no point to start the program. You will only stress yourself and your body out, end up even worse off than you were to start with, and have wasted valuable time that you could have been devoting to an actually effective and efficient program. The Fat Burning Furnace is this program.

The creators of the Fat Burning Furnace system wanted to create a program that would allow regular, busy, cost-conscious people to go about their daily lives and still be able to exercise and lose weight. The result of their years of research, experimentation and designing has come to be called the 15 Minute Miracle. It is called this because of the amazing potency of the exercise regime that encourages users to engage in high intensity, low-cardio exercise for as little as 15 minutes, twice a week. The program is made even more amazing by the included diet plan that teaches you to combine foods effectively and eat at regular intervals to keep you energized and not hungry. The foods of the 15 Minute Miracle diet are completely approachable, as well. There is no need for prepacked, branded or unusual foods but rather you can eat regular food in satisfying portions. Because you are in control of what you are eating as long as they fit into the easy-to-understand guidelines of the plan, you won’t get bored or be forced to eat things you hate just to stay on program.

To make succeeding on the diet even easier, creator Rob Poulos has released his master list of 35 fat burning foods that can be used in your diet plan to acheive maximum results. These foods include things like brown rice, beans, turkey breast, onions and avocados. Flavorful additions like garlic, hot peppers and lemons ensure that your meals will be exciting, delicious and filled with the variety that will keep you on track and your weight dropping. Many of these foods also contain high levels of proteins, which support the growth and maintainance of lean muscle tissue which is the core of the Fat Burning Furnace system.

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