Get to Know Zero to Hero Fitness’ Rob Poulos

Posted by on August 19, 2011 at 7:52 pm.

It is the hottest diet and fitness program to hit the streets in years, but the difference between the Fatburning Furnace and the thousands of others before it, is that this program works. To know the fat Burning Furnace is to know Zero to Hero Fitness’ Rob Poulos. Poulos is the self-made fitness guru who wrote the Fat Burning Furnace.

Poulos, in his own search for a diet and fitness program to improve his lifestyle came upon some secrets and useful information that was salted away years ago by the diet industry. Fats and carbs aren’t necessarily bad for you. In fact, when combined with an exercise routine that focuses on high-power movement over a short period of time, naturally occurring fats and carbs can actually help you burn fat, lose weight and build muscle.

Poulos was once like you, a person looking to find a way to transform himself from a zero to a hero, and he achieved that goal by following all the steps he outlines in the Fat Burning Furnace.

You don’t go from being a zero to a hero with some quick and easy diet plan or fitness program. Building a superior physique takes focus and commitment. Zero to Hero Fitness’ Rob Poulos will tell you the same. Poulos wrote the definitive book on weight loss and fitness programs, The Fat Burning Furnace.

In the book Poulos discusses where other diet and exercise plans go wrong. Whether it is through feeding you wrong or relying on hours of workout time, Poulos debunks the myths that have long been associated with fitness programs. Focusing on eating habits, an all natural diet and streamlining your workout time, the Fat Burning Furnace program will get you the kind of results you have only dreamed of.

Poulos’ plan is one of a kind as he went through all the same things that most dieters and gym rats have gone through. Instead of applying hours of work and eating less, the Fat Burning Furnace provides a life-changing experience that will fuel weight loss and build lean muscle.

Rob Poulos has seen and done it all when it comes to diet and fitness. In his own quest to build a lean and sculpted body Poulos ran the gamut of fad dieting and crazy workout routines that led to nothing more than despair. The result was his creation of the Fat Burning Furnace diet and fitness program.

With Zero to Hero Fitness Rob Poulos has found a way to bring his story to you complete with everything you need to know to create a better body and lifestyle for yourself. Poulos’ program covers all the bases, from diet to workout to rest. By following Poulos’ guidance you can create a fat incinerator inside of you that blasts away the stubborn pounds and paves the way to build lean muscle.

Take it from someone who has been there. Rob Poulos has been through what you have been through and because of that can speak honestly about his experiences and impart the kind of wisdom that can inspire you to improve your life.

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