Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate Edition

Posted by on July 18, 2011 at 7:46 pm.

When you sign up and download the Fat Burning Furnace program, you can get for free the fat burning furnace ultimate, which is an e-book companion.   In the book, it talks about the different secrets not explained in the plan itself.

The book serves as sort of a teaser to the overall plan.  Before getting into the guide itself, the book has preface which is 3 pages long and has a short segment on the problems of exercise and diets today.   In the preface, Rob Poulos talks about how he struggled with his belly fat (he never talks about weight gain), and how he was in the shoes of many.   He also talked about how he started this program, and how it will help you lose belly fat.   The book also has stories about two people trying to lose belly fat, and what the results were for them.

In the segment where Rob talks about the state of exercise and diet, he does give acknowledgment to the traditional form of losing weight, BUT, he explains that it is all wrong and that these methods are only good for a short time, especially a plan which relies too much on Aerobic exercise.   Rob also said that these types of exercise can kill the body.   Well, for a person who cannot lifts weights, but has taken dance all their life for the exercise, there is some form of disagreement.

Secret #1- Create a lifestyle change with systems

According to this guide, all you have to do is change the way you think.   This is not just an exercise and diet program, it is a lifestyle change.  It is a change that affects everything you do, and how you schedule things.   If you are used to spending hours in the gym, and going to aerobic classes, doing a routine that last only 15 minutes is hard to adjust.   You will have more time to do things that you never had time to do before going to the gym.   For example, one of the writing exercises in the book has you write down on a piece of paper all the habits you have acquired before starting the program.   You would be surprised on the habits you have developed over time.  At that time the book also wants you to look at your stress levels and mindset, before making a commitment to the program.  The idea of not counting calories is a great one.

Once you do all of these things, it is important to come up with a system to change them.

Secret #2:  Exercise less, but with more intensity

This is where there is some disagreement here.   Whereas there is some agreement on how long to exercise and how intense, it is what types of exercise it is that counts. If a person is unable to do squats or lift weights, then they should be able to try an exercise program that makes them comfortable, but at the same time work the exercise with as much intensity as the program suggested.

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