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Posted by on July 14, 2011 at 7:44 pm.

There is tons of information out on the internet, some belonging to the Fat Burning Furnace program written by Rob Poulos. The rest are written by other people, including many nutritionists, and trainers.   If you want real Fat Burning Furnace info, get it from the official website containing information such as:

-          First of all, the FatBurning Furnace is the most popular fat burning plan currently on the Internet.

-          Second of all, the Fat burning Furnace plan is not a scam.

-          Third of all, like most weight loss plans on the Internet, the plan concentrates on nutrition and exercise.  However, instead of giving you a strict diet plan to stick to, it simply supplies you with a large number of alternatives to substitute for your favorite foods.  This plan also works for vegetarians as well.

-          The exercises you do on a daily basis are done for 15 minutes.  The exercises are intense and can be done for only three days a week.

More importantly, fat burning furnace emphasizes the importance of resting metabolic rate in a way that no other program has done.  The main idea of the program is to increase the amount of calories that your body burns while you are resting.  There is no magic pill, just good common sense.  If what you are looking for is achieving large muscle mass, then you will want to pay close attention to this program.

The most common way to this information is through a series of e-books which can be downloaded from the fat burning furnace website.  The download is a series of three e-books and a guide containing a diet plan, an exercise plan, and a chart in which you can write down information, such as age, weight, height, and keeping track of the foods you intake into your body.  The first e-book contains a food plan which shows you the different types of food that are good for losing body fat and foods that to be avoided.

E-book two shows what types of exercises would be helpful in gaining lean large muscle mass, and what exercises you should avoid.  In order to achieve lean large muscle mass, two things needs to happen 1) the exercise needs to be intense and 2) long, boring aerobic exercises will not work for long periods of time.   Neither will sit-ups nor any other exercise that will not allow you to achieve lean large muscle mass.

One of the things that this information never covers is getting advice from your doctor if it is safe for you to start this program.  It is extremely important, especially if your doctor has some concerns.  It is advisable for you to get a physically fit first, and then discuss it with him or her.

Of all the programs out there, fat burning furnace is one of the most intense programs out there.   One concept throughout this whole program is to change your mindset, have the attitude that you will lose body fat, and achieve your goal of losing body fat.

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