Fat Burning Furnace Exercises: Are They Too Good To Be True?

Posted by on September 12, 2011 at 7:58 pm.

When you make the decision to sign up for the fat burning furnace program, there are some fat burning furnace exercises you must do in order to burn body fat.  Keep in mind that these exercises are supposed to help you burn body fat and keep it off.

You have a busy life, including children to take care of, a husband to take care of, and a job to go to.  The last thing you need is to go to the gym and do some long, boring exercise, five days a week, especially if it’s getting you nowhere.  According to the program, those long, boring exercises are over.  The exercises in the Fatburning Furnace program require you to only work out for about 15 minutes a day, three days a week.  Also according to the book, aerobic exercises are out, because these exercises only work for short time.

Individuals are taught to do high intensity strength and cardio training.  This is done by increasing resting metabolic rate through increased muscle mass and lowering body fat.  According to one website, the 15 minute miracle, just one more pound of muscle added to your body will require an extra 40 to 50 or so calories a day to keep it alive.  The exercises covered in book two go into more detail on how to do the exercises more effectively and efficiently.

There are two types of exercises covered in the book, and they are compound exercises and isolation exercises.  Compound exercises allow you to work a combination of muscles and more than one joint.  Isolation exercises allow you to work just one muscle and one joint.  Some examples of exercises you can do are: bent over rows, benched dips, overhead press, shrugs, bent arm flies, and sissy squat.  One example of these exercises is wall pushups.   Keep one or two feet distance from a wall and stand straight looking at the wall.  Place both hands on walls as far apart as the shoulders.  Then be in your elbows and lower yourself.  Push yourself back to aid standing position but make sure the body is straight during the whole exercise.  Another example is the standing squat.  Stand up keeping fee and the shoulder length apart keeping your torso of and knees bent slightly, and then slowly bend knees.  Come up to a standing position but keep a 90° angle with the floor.  Stay in that position for some time and then return to original position.

There are so many exercises that you can do in order to burn body fat.  But not all such methods deliver desired results. Remember that key to these exercises is to increase resting metabolic rate and to do this by increasing muscle mass and lowering body fat.  Once you do this, you will feel great about yourself, so you will not feel tired, sluggish, and have a new attitude about yourself.  Once again, all it takes is commitment and the willingness to adapt this program into your current lifestyle.

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