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Posted by on June 11, 2011 at 7:37 pm.

Most weight loss and fat burning plans have all sorts of guides to help you lose weight. From diet plan charts to meal and exercise plans, you should have no problems in working whatever program you chose to use in your quest from going from flab to fab.

For instance, the Fat Burning Furnace program has a download to help you not only get started but to take you through the entire program.   What the Fat Burning Furnace download consists of is three e-books, and a software program called the metabolic rate calculator.    With the software, you are told to put in your age, height, and weight in order to determine how many calories to eat per day in order to lose weight with the program.   These three books consist of a process called interval training.   There are three levels to this training: beginner, intermediate, and advance; each level lasts 12 weeks.

In order to get this download, you have to go to the website to buy the download.   Next, you check out by going through Clickbank. Clickbank is a payment service sort of like PayPal.   If there is a problem with the purchase, you need to contact Clickbank.   Once your payment clears Clickbank’s computers, you are all set to download.   Depending on your download speed, it should take a couple of seconds to download the program.

The program contains a personal story by the creator of the plan, Ron Poulos. Each downloaded book explains a different important part of the plan. For example, one part of the books teaches you how to burn the fat off your belly.   Mr. Poulos also explains how these techniques, which he himself has researched for year, will help you burn this fat and in turn incorporate it in your everyday lifestyle.

The books also concentrate on the RMR or Resting Metabolic Rate.   The principle of the total download is to get you to eat right, with the right foods, as well as to exercise the right way.   Pages 28-29 of the first downloaded book explains how treadmills and other cardio devices do not work and they make the body worst off than before.  On page 31, it talks about resistance training, and it gives you a chart of these exercises.  There are also illustrations on how to perform each exercise properly, avoiding injury to the body.   Again, this breaks down between beginner, intermediate, and advance exercises. The next book talks about the nutritional portion of the program.   On page 108, Mr. Poulos explains about the importance of having smaller meals, instead of waiting so long in between meals.

There are ways to get this download without paying $39.   Upon much research, there are download sites which have the books and the software.  You must be willing to first register and give out important information in order to obtain a copy of the download.  However which way you decide to download the program, you must follow it in order to get the weight and the body fat off.

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