Fat Burning Furnace Complaints

Posted by on October 2, 2011 at 8:07 pm.

When you, the consumer, buy something from the store, or from the Internet, you expect a product to exceed your expectations of what you thought it would be.  Fat burning furnace is no exception.  From the moment you order the program, to the time you use it, you want to take in every bit of the information given to you by its author.  What if that was not so?  You as a consumer have questions, comments, and complaints that need answers.  So Fat Burning Furnace complaints have no exceptions, except are for the complaints are for any number of reasons including “where’s my product?”  to “I do not like the way Rob Poulos does­­­­­­­­­______ (fill in the blank), I want my money back.”

Before you start giving in to some of these complaints, please take a look before deciding, if this is the program for you.  Some complaints are against the program itself, while the majority of the complaints has to do with technical.  Those technical issues are, “I have not received my program”, “where is the program?”, and “where is the e-mail promise?”    Before taking on any type of program, product, or service, you need to read all instructions.  These instructions tell you exactly what you need to do before purchasing the product, service, or program.  The fat burning furnace program uses Clickbank for the payment service.  When you look at your credit or debit card statement, it will say “payment made to Clickbank”.   Once a payment is made, you now download the program.   If you do not see that, please check your spam folder.   If you have not received it at all, the last place to check is your Credit Card Company, bank, or PayPal.  Chances are that the payment failed, and it may have to be processed again.

The second complaint is that a small number of people are dissatisfied with the program itself.  Mainly because it requires you to make a complete exercise and diet change from the way you have been exercising and eating, and it is that combination that will help you burn body fat.  Nothing more! If you in the mindset of losing weight, chances are that you have seen some shows on television or work some of the programs out there, or you would not have formed an opinion about the program before getting started.   You also know these programs and trainers focus heavily on diet and exercise as a key to lose weight.  This program by Rob Poulos is no exception.  Focusing on changing diet and exercise is the only way to lose the weight, and keeping it off.  There is no other way.

Rob Poulos is a professional trainer, just like the other trainers, his methods are sound advice, and he stands behind that program 1000%.  One thing that Rob does is follow up with a bunch of recipes, guarantee to liven up any meal, but still help burn body fat, and keep it off. That’s all it takes to have a healthy lean body.

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