How to Use the Fat Burning Furnace Book

Posted by on June 6, 2011 at 7:35 pm.

There are so many fat burning plans in the market today; that it’s difficult to weed out what makes sense, what is good for you, and your body type.  One such plan comes in the form of a book called The Fat Burning Furnace Book. This book, teaches you how to burn the fat, but at the same time helps you get lean muscle mass.

The author, Ron Poulos talks about how he started out as a chubby baby, but instead of getting rid of the weight like most children at the time, the weight stayed with him through most of his life.   Ron basically wanted to solve his weight problem, so he start developing different techniques to help lose the weight, but at the same time build muscle mass.   The concept is to trick the body to burn more calories, but at the same time, you do not have to spend as many hours at the gym to burn the fat off.   There are certain foods you need to eat in order to burn the fat, and to keep it off.

The book goes on to explain the right equipment to use, which does not cost thousands of dollars, and you can do these exercises at home, as well as at the gym.   So what do you get if you decide to join the program?   Well, you are given three e-books and a software program.  This is what is needed to get started with the program.   Once you get the program, you are told to enter information like your age, body type with the software program, and then you are told how many calories needed to consume for you.  Everyone is different, so it is important that you do not skip this step.

Concentrating fully on the book itself, the book also gives you the types of exercises needed for your type of body, and in which order you need to follow the exercise portion of the weight loss program.   The program has three levels, which are beginner, intermediate, and advance, and each part is 12 weeks long.   The concept is to do the exercise for only 15 minutes every other day.   What is also explained about the exercise program is, for example, you exercise on Monday for 15 minutes.   Once you do that, you are still burning calories 72 hours afterwards.   You do not have to exercise for the rest of the week, or you can skip a day, and exercise the day after for 15 more minutes.

The book also gives illustrations on how to do the exercises, and in what order during each of the 12 weeks.  At the same time, these exercises are also toning your muscles.

While researching, there was really no mention of the foods you are supposed to eat while doing this Fat Burning furnace book.   A person is supposed to be able to feed the body with the proper nutrients during this process, which the author of the book shows.

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