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Fat Burning Furnace Review


Official Website: www.FatBurningFurnace.com
Program Author:
 Rob Poulos
Price: $39.97 or $69.97 (With Videos)

Trial Offer Available: YES, $4.97

Delivery Method: Digital Download (E-Book/PDF), Videos are available to be viewed online. It can also be downloaded instantly. A hard copy of the program is also available for order.




Since most people spend quite a bit of time and money to look their best, weight loss is a popular market these days. With so many different exercise programs and diets, it seems impossible to find one to work for you. Many diet programs promise the world and then fail to deliver. Trying one diet plan after the other is depressing. Trying one plan after the other and failing to lose weight is even more depressing. Addressing the issue of your failure to lose weight is where the Fat Burning Furnace program has some interesting ideas.


Overview / About the Authors


Created by a husband and wife team, Rob and Kalen Poulos, the FBF book is different from any other weight-loss program that you have ever tried. That fact might be difficult to believe, but it is a fact. The first thing to notice when you land on the FBF website is the soothing voice of the program’s creator. Rob introduces you to his fat burning system with a weight loss presentation. You can follow along as the dialogue unfolds or you can skip to the reviews and testimonials. He takes the time to explain some of the surprising reasons that you might not be losing weight on other diet programs. It is interesting to hear about the challenges faced by dieters, especially in the face of a multi-billion dollar dieting industry. Rob makes a point to mention that those huge companies who promote diet programs tend to benefit from your failure. During the presentation, you can feel the empathy of a person who has faced the challenge of losing weight, and won.


Exercise Program


The Fat Burning Furnace is a 158-page book. It includes an exercise program that is designed to raise the resting metabolic rate. This is the rate at which your body burns calories, even during resting periods. The premise is that if your resting metabolic rate increases, you will be burn more calories even if you are not performing vigorous exercise. The exercise program in the book is not an intense cardio workout. It is actually a simple program of resistance exercises that are accomplished in about 25 minutes per day, three days a week. They are performed with little or no complicated equipment and can be completed at home. A nice point in the program is that you do not have to join a gym or spend every day exercising until you are exhausted. The exercises are slow and steady and focus on toning the body. Creating lean muscle is one of the ways that the FBF program raises your resting metabolic rate.


The exercises are also perfect for beginners. Since they are performed at a slow rate, you are able to learn to complete the exercises correctly for maximum effect. The book comes with detailed training instructions and also includes plenty of pictures. For people who absolutely must have a video to learn a new exercise, the option of video is also available.


Nutrition Program / Food Choices


The Fat Burning Furnace combines a nutrition program with the exercises. It is not a strict diet that completely limits the number of calories that you can consume each day. In fact, Rob explains how restricting your calories leads to weight gain rather than weight loss. Learning how severe caloric restriction slows your resting metabolic rate and makes losing weight more difficult is pretty interesting. The FBF program’s nutrition system works hand-in-hand with the exercises to raise that resting metabolic rate. The book focuses on important vitamins and minerals for your body to function correctly. Increasing your intake of them and sticking to foods that are dense in nutrients works to increase that resting metabolic rate. The FBF book explains the importance of choosing the right foods for good health. This makes the plan simple to follow, even for people who eat out frequently.


Pro Points


Simple nutritional advice and exercises that are not overwhelming make the Fat Burning Furnace one of the few weight-loss programs that provides actual results. Rob and Kalen care about the way that being overweight makes you feel and you can see that in the program’s style. The content is written so that you can easily understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. Unlike many diet programs, there are no gimmicks. The nutritional advice is easy to follow and sensible. If you follow the instructions in the book, you will lose weight. There is no way that you can fail at that goal. The book gives plenty of options for meal planning, recipes, and foods that may be substituted. The options are one of the best parts of this program because you do not feel restricted in your food choices.


Negative Points


With the basic package, videos for the exercises are not included. The videos only come with the Blow Torch Package or as an add-on. The physical version of the book does cost extra and is not available until you actually click to place your order.




Although the book is available as an actual book, the e-book option is the fastest option for purchasing the program. You can download the book instantly. You can also order a physical book and videos of the exercises. The combination of the e-book and the videos might be the best option for someone who is serious about losing weight. Along with the book comes a metabolic calculator, progress tracking software and a body fat analyzer. The FBF system delivers what it promises, which is all that needs to be said about any diet or weight-loss program. One of the nicest parts of the program is the personal story that goes along with it. Rob and Kalen are not professional dieters, they are people who lost weight and gained health. They share their experience and offer e-mail support as you begin the program.


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