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Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate Review

There are many weight loss programs out there and there are as many reviews of the product out there.  The Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate review is nothing more than many reviews highlighting the product Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate.   In many of the reviews, each having its own website, there are many testimonials on how the Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate worked for them.  In addition to the websites, there are also videos on a web site called you tube.  The videos also have testimonials on how that program work for them.

For instance, one website explains the book, its author and creator behind the program, Rob Poulos, and everything you will be getting with the program.  Also, on this one particular website, the creator of the website has an agenda to tell you exactly how the program works.  To this person, the book has nothing more than an over exaggerated report, but too many others who have review websites, liked him or her, it is a collection of three downloadable e-books.  The person behind the website review of the fat burning furnace ultimate also wants you to know that Rob Poulos is a likable guy, and that he is aware that many people fall under the trap of so many weight loss programs, and that is not easy to lose body fat.   Rob Poulos, in the book, an easier sensible, plan to eat healthy foods the right way, as well as an exercise program that takes only 15 minutes a day, every other day.

The main section of the program deals with Rob’s approach to resistance training.  He has everything down to a science and shows you that you can get all your training done in 15 minutes, three days a week.  The whole idea behind the program shows you how the exercise affects your metabolism and also shows what happens in traditional exercise programs.  The website author also proves to you that this is a legitimate exercise program which will give you results.

As for the dietary section of the program that not only takes you from reducing calories but shows you how to eat healthy.  Some of the reviews show you in actual diet plan while others show you what foods to eliminate and what foods you should include in your overall everyday eating.  There is no secret that everyone should be eating healthy by getting rid of the that sugars, over processed foods, and fast foods, but the process you to remember is which foods will make you healthy,  to help burn body fat, and which ones will not

For many of these review websites, it is important to convince the audience to at least try the Fat Burning Furnace Ultimate program, listen to the principles, and use them according to the instructions given by Rob Poulos.   These instructions are not hard, and it is a lifestyle change.   Anything that helps you lose body fat, and keep it off, is an inner at best.   The last thing these reviews do is change your overall mindset, and to except the process.

What is the Fat Burning Furnace Secret?

Fat Burning Furnace is a weight loss program which goes by the principle of combining diet and exercise.  This makes it a very effective program for people who want to lose body fat.  The program consists of three e-books (the main e-Book, training Manual e-Book, and advance work out log e-book).  What gives this program the edge it needs in order to make it an effective program?  The creator of the program, Rob Poulos was an overweight person himself, and he was trying to find the secret to his weight problem.  Rob tried every diet on the planet, but was not getting any success in losing weight.  So, he created this program, which includes the fat burning furnace secret.

Rob has discovered that the secret is basically healthy eating, but not in the way that you might think of healthy eating.  In fact, some of the foods, the so called healthy foods are not really healthy at all.  Foods like whole grains, carbohydrates, sodium, white sugars, and certain fats can be bad for you.  They do not help you lose body fat which is to key to weight loss.  Rob also has discovered that another secret is doing the correct, but not as often as you might think.  Doing exercises like squats, pushy outs, and curls can also help lose body fat and utilize the resting metabolic rate to increase muscle mass.

Lastly, the one key ingredient to the whole weight loss program is changing your attitude, your lifestyle, and other things which will not make this program successful.   First of all, Rob wants all participates to get out of their heads that all weight loss programs work.  Second of all, he wants all participates to stop thinking that all healthy foods are good for you.  They are not.  So what foods are healthy you?  First of all, foods enriched with omega 3 and omega 6, and organic.  Such foods include onions, broccoli, cauliflower, nuts, salmon, dark chocolate, and good old fashioned water.  The way you cook food also takes a factor.  Fried foods and processed foods are not good for you.

Before you can get started with this program, there is an additional free book you can download before downloading the other three.  It is a way to introduce the program to you and gives you a better understanding on how the program works.  First of all there is the introduction to the program by Rob.  He gives his philosophy on how he feels about the state of exercise and diet today and how we can change our eating and exercise habits.  Next he gives two examples of people.  Example one, named Dave is your typical person who has claimed that the weight loss program has helped him lose the weight, but not really.  Example two, named Julie who is following the fat burning furnace program, and is following the program according to the instructions given by Rob.  Between the two Julie is the one who stands the most gain in losing body fat than Dave because of what the program presents based on her busy lifestyle.

Fat Burning Furnace Consumer Report Demystified

The Fat Burning Furnace is a weight loss program that shows you different ways to slim and tone down.  The creator of this program, Rob Poulos, shows you how to lose at least 42 lbs. and at least 10 inches off your waistline for only 45 minutes a week.  Poulos, and his wife, Kalan, once an overweight, obese couple, were desperately looking for a way to cure their obesity in preventing dying and early death.  Kalan was trying to lose weight after having four children.

In this fat burning furnace consumer report, shows you how this can be done, which is to eat a holistic, sensible diet.  This is done by looking at the different types of foods that you can eat on a daily basis, which foods you need to avoid, and how many times a day you can eat.

The program is a 128 page book divided into 3 sections, the first one contains some basic information about weight loss, showing what you have to do in order to lose weight, and teaching you ways to keep it off.  The second section, deals with exercise, the various types of exercise, and which ones are right for you to use in order to burn body fat.  It helps you maintain resting metabolic rate and how exercising three days a week for 15 minutes will help you keep the weight off.  Finally, the third section of the book teaches you about nutrition and how each food can affect the way you burn body fat.  These foods will help you boost your metabolism.  Also with the book are bonuses, tips, and even e-mail support.  Also keep in mind that there is a 100% money back guarantee should you be dissatisfied with the program.

What this program aims at is to maintain pressure in your body in order to burn body fat all the time even when you are not exercising.  The exercises involve just weights that are completed within 15 to 25 minutes a day.    The author does not believe in long, boring workouts that do not produce results, nor does he believe in cardio workouts either.  The food choices are very flexible and also easy to maintain and keep up.  The main thing to remember is there are few foods that are banned.  Such foods are whole grain, most sugars, and processed and fried foods.

As for the report itself, it is nothing more than a bunch of complaints from people who say things such as they never received their program to” I have never heard such hogwash, I want my money back.” but these complaints are rare for most people are satisfied with the program.  The key from the very beginning is having the mindset, and a great attitude towards this program.  One of the other things that people do not understand and what you need to realize before ordering, this is a downloadable program.  Simply put, as soon as your payment goes through, you can download the program and start using it right away.

Does Fat Burning Furnace Work?

There are a lot of fat burning programs out there, as well as weight loss programs.  They all claim to do the same thing, which is to help lose body fat.  At the same time, there are many people who are trying to lose weight, but they are not getting anywhere.  The reason for these problems of losing weight, people are being sent mixed messages from many different experts.

Everyone has a cure all for this problem called obesity but do they know exactly what they’re talking about?  So the question is does Fat Burning Furnace work?  The answers from some of the reviews are in extreme yes.  Here is how the program works.  The basic principle behind fat burning furnace theory is building lean muscle through short interval- type training.  The author, Rob Poulos takes the stance against the typical cardio workout that is utilized by 95% of the population and is being perpetrated by many exercise instructors.  He claims that this system of exercise training is not nearly effective as doing one that allows short burst of intense training.

There is a dietary program that goes along with the exercise program which also helps boost this metabolism.  Mr. Poulos has a detailed section on the reasons why your body gets angry, because it lacks vitamins and other nutrients.  Once you satisfy these cravings you will begin to eat less.  All it really boils down to is basically doing a little sensible eating.

Mr. Poulos supports the idea of eating more than three times a day but in smaller portions, in order to keep your metabolism going.  This system works in that Mr. Poulos urges everyone to adapt to the system.  Dozens of people attest that this system works.  So what do you got to lose?

The biggest problem is when a person does not show that they have the right mindset to make this happen.  It may be that the person has tried everything in the weight loss industry, and has deemed that everything they have tried to do does not work.  It also means, that they have not given this program, fat burning furnace program a try.  The author has been your shoes, and he too has tried everything in the weight loss industry.  Mr. Poulos was that person who had tried everything since he was a young man probably in his teens who just wanted to lose weight.  And when all else failed, he wrote down the things he did not like about the current system and rewrote the entire system.   Since then, both he and his wife have lost weight, by working out for only 45 minutes a week.   That works out to about 15 minutes a day, three days a week, and all while eating yummy foods.

Other than the program is so wide spread, there are no problems in eating a sensible meal, in smaller portions, and doing an exercise program for 15 minutes, three times a day.   It is better than popping pills, or some other magic potion that could do harm to the body.

Fat Burning Furnace Foods Offer Delicious Variety

In the world of dieting, food choice can sometimes be a touchy subject. Many diets require extremely restrictive calorie limits that cut out almost all foods. Others avoid other nutrients such as fats, carbohydrates, or even fruits. These diets can be frustrating and boring. If you aren’t “allowed” to eat the foods that you enjoy or are so limited in what you can eat that you never feel satisfied, it is highly unlikely that you will stick to the diet for the long-term, which will mean you won’t see the weight loss results you want.

Those diets that don’t choose a certain type of food to limit but require that dieters buy their branded foods or specialty-type ingredients that go into unusual recipes. This type of diet can cause problems, too. Branded foods created by weight loss companies tend to be expensive, small in portion, and not entirely pleasing in flavor. Some are frozen or dehydrated, which changes the taste and texture of the food. The specialty ingredients can be expensive, too, and the odd recipes the plan suggests don’t always coincide with the meals a family would want to eat. Therefore, if you are dieting and choose one of these programs, you may be disappointing your family or using up huge amounts of time and effort preparing two separate meals so that everyone can have what they want or need.

Neither of these options is right for everybody. If you are looking for a program that will help you lose weight and reshape your body while getting you healthy, the Fat Burning Furnace is a great option. This program comes complete with an exercise routine short and exciting enough to fit into even the busiest and most distracted lives, and a diet plan that is accessible and easy to follow. Based on the scientifically sound principle that the body functions at its peak when fed well-balanced meals consisting of proper combinations of fats, proteins and produce at regular intervals, the diet plan is simple to modify according to your needs. Even vegetarians, who are notorious for not being able to follow many of the diet plans out there, can easily adjust the meal plans. Fat Burning Furnace foods are easy to find because they are just regular food: high-fiber cereal, skim milk, and berries for breakfast, for example. Though there are suggested focuses (such as dark, leafy greens) and some foods that should be limited (such as refined sugar), they are common-sense food choices that are easily integrated into anyone’s daily life.

The Fat Burning Furnace is a comprehensive program that comes in an instant download format. Within the program is a full-length eBook, “Blueprint,” that will give you all of the information you need to be successful on the program. The section devoted to the diet plan includes explanations as to how your body processes different nutrients and why it needs the specific combinations. It also lists sample meal plans that will give you a jumping-off point as well as an example that will teach you how to develop your own menus so that you can reach and maintain your weight loss goals.

Fat Burning Furnace Complaints

When you, the consumer, buy something from the store, or from the Internet, you expect a product to exceed your expectations of what you thought it would be.  Fat burning furnace is no exception.  From the moment you order the program, to the time you use it, you want to take in every bit of the information given to you by its author.  What if that was not so?  You as a consumer have questions, comments, and complaints that need answers.  So Fat Burning Furnace complaints have no exceptions, except are for the complaints are for any number of reasons including “where’s my product?”  to “I do not like the way Rob Poulos does­­­­­­­­­______ (fill in the blank), I want my money back.”

Before you start giving in to some of these complaints, please take a look before deciding, if this is the program for you.  Some complaints are against the program itself, while the majority of the complaints has to do with technical.  Those technical issues are, “I have not received my program”, “where is the program?”, and “where is the e-mail promise?”    Before taking on any type of program, product, or service, you need to read all instructions.  These instructions tell you exactly what you need to do before purchasing the product, service, or program.  The fat burning furnace program uses Clickbank for the payment service.  When you look at your credit or debit card statement, it will say “payment made to Clickbank”.   Once a payment is made, you now download the program.   If you do not see that, please check your spam folder.   If you have not received it at all, the last place to check is your Credit Card Company, bank, or PayPal.  Chances are that the payment failed, and it may have to be processed again.

The second complaint is that a small number of people are dissatisfied with the program itself.  Mainly because it requires you to make a complete exercise and diet change from the way you have been exercising and eating, and it is that combination that will help you burn body fat.  Nothing more! If you in the mindset of losing weight, chances are that you have seen some shows on television or work some of the programs out there, or you would not have formed an opinion about the program before getting started.   You also know these programs and trainers focus heavily on diet and exercise as a key to lose weight.  This program by Rob Poulos is no exception.  Focusing on changing diet and exercise is the only way to lose the weight, and keeping it off.  There is no other way.

Rob Poulos is a professional trainer, just like the other trainers, his methods are sound advice, and he stands behind that program 1000%.  One thing that Rob does is follow up with a bunch of recipes, guarantee to liven up any meal, but still help burn body fat, and keep it off. That’s all it takes to have a healthy lean body.

What is the Fat Burning Furnace System?

There are many programs out there; each one of them promises you that you can either lose the weight, or burn body fat.  Some say that just losing weight does not work, while others say if you just burned body fat, then you can, in turn, have lean large muscle mass.

The Fat Burning Furnace system is more than just a system, it is a full program chock full of lifestyle change and tips.  Those tips are; nutritional tips, exercise tips, lifestyle change in tips, among other advice to lose body fat.  If you have not noticed by now, this system is a lifestyle change, for you have to change your attitude before you can lose body fat.

First of all, the fat burning furnace program is overall body fat loss program.  The author, Rob Poulos tried many programs all his life with no success.  He has found that exercise programs were too long and too boring.  They did not produce any structural value to him.  The same with diet plans, which worked for a while, but then he started gaining back the weight.  Rob wanted so much to solve his weight problem, until he started researching, and found a plan that works.

What makes this plan different from all the rest is its delivery system.  It gives equal weight to both the dietary side and the exercise side.  What does that mean?  It means you do not have to spend hours at the gym, you do not have to buy expensive equipment, and the exercises are simple and easy to follow.  Each exercise is explained in detail.  Each group of exercises can be done in 15 minutes, three days a week.  Also with this program there are no pills to take, and no special drinks to swallow.

Getting back to the dietary side in a moment, you can just Google, ”fat burning furnace,” and some sites still call it a weight loss program, which it is not.  It is being considered a lifestyle changing program, which happens to help burn body fat.  How is it a lifestyle changing program?  Well first you have to change your attitude to except the dietary needs of the program, as well as the exercise portion of the program.  Once you have it in your mind to lose body fat, then you can start the program, assuming that you have already downloaded the three books.  The first thing you do is look at the third book, and start turning down all your vital information, such as age, weight, height, and dietary.  It is also been suggested that you keep a record of everything you eat.  You also record your exercise routine.

Next, go over each of the two books, one for nutritional and one for exercise.  Make sure you do not have any questions, and if you have any questions, there should be an 800 number for you to call.  Taking notes and follow what the books say.  You are well on your way to losing body fat, in keeping it off.

Fat Burning Furnace Exercises: Are They Too Good To Be True?

When you make the decision to sign up for the fat burning furnace program, there are some fat burning furnace exercises you must do in order to burn body fat.  Keep in mind that these exercises are supposed to help you burn body fat and keep it off.

You have a busy life, including children to take care of, a husband to take care of, and a job to go to.  The last thing you need is to go to the gym and do some long, boring exercise, five days a week, especially if it’s getting you nowhere.  According to the program, those long, boring exercises are over.  The exercises in the Fatburning Furnace program require you to only work out for about 15 minutes a day, three days a week.  Also according to the book, aerobic exercises are out, because these exercises only work for short time.

Individuals are taught to do high intensity strength and cardio training.  This is done by increasing resting metabolic rate through increased muscle mass and lowering body fat.  According to one website, the 15 minute miracle, just one more pound of muscle added to your body will require an extra 40 to 50 or so calories a day to keep it alive.  The exercises covered in book two go into more detail on how to do the exercises more effectively and efficiently.

There are two types of exercises covered in the book, and they are compound exercises and isolation exercises.  Compound exercises allow you to work a combination of muscles and more than one joint.  Isolation exercises allow you to work just one muscle and one joint.  Some examples of exercises you can do are: bent over rows, benched dips, overhead press, shrugs, bent arm flies, and sissy squat.  One example of these exercises is wall pushups.   Keep one or two feet distance from a wall and stand straight looking at the wall.  Place both hands on walls as far apart as the shoulders.  Then be in your elbows and lower yourself.  Push yourself back to aid standing position but make sure the body is straight during the whole exercise.  Another example is the standing squat.  Stand up keeping fee and the shoulder length apart keeping your torso of and knees bent slightly, and then slowly bend knees.  Come up to a standing position but keep a 90° angle with the floor.  Stay in that position for some time and then return to original position.

There are so many exercises that you can do in order to burn body fat.  But not all such methods deliver desired results. Remember that key to these exercises is to increase resting metabolic rate and to do this by increasing muscle mass and lowering body fat.  Once you do this, you will feel great about yourself, so you will not feel tired, sluggish, and have a new attitude about yourself.  Once again, all it takes is commitment and the willingness to adapt this program into your current lifestyle.

What is the Eating Plan with the Fat Burning Furnace Diet?

People, no matter what age, sex, or income, need to change the way they eat.   Today, there are too many places to get fast, processed, and fried foods that allow a person to gain fat, especially in the middle.   Also people lead busy, sedentary lifestyle, which causes heart disease, cancer, and all sorts of problems.

In addition to exercising with the Fat Burning Furnace plan, you are taught how to eat all over again.   Tips such as eat smaller meals instead of three meals a day and breakfast is the most important meal of the day are mentioned as part of the diet plan.   In fact, you really cannot call the Fat Burning Furnace Diet a diet, but a lifestyle change in the way you handle food.  In fact the program is the same diet used in the Truth about Abs program, so it is no surprise that the Fat Burning Furnace program advises eating the following foods:

1)      Dark chocolate.   The chocolate has to be made with 70% cacao beans to be part of the plan.   No milk or white chocolate.   Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, which is healthy for the heart and other vital organs.  Dark chocolate also decreases blood pressure and it has magnesium and copper which helps in the metabolic properties of the human body.

2)      Coconut products.   These include:  coconut milk, flour and oil.   They are great sources of medium chained triglycerides, also known as saturated fats.   These will not store as body fat.  Coconut is considered one of the healthiest oils in the world and contains lauric acid.   The only other place you can natural get this acid is in human breast milk.

3)      Grass-fed products.   These include Bison, beef, butter, and whole eggs.   The bison and beef contain Omega 3 and 6 fats.  The eggs are protein, as well as the beef and the bison, plus the yolks themselves have more nutrients then just eating the whites.   The butter contains CLA, which is a type of fat.

4)      Avocados.   These are high in monounsaturated fats, which also does not store in the body as fat, as well as vitamins and minerals.

5)      Nuts.

6)      Oatmeal is great for breakfast and it must be old fashioned or rolled oats.  Not instead or oats.   To make it a fat burning food, it must contain 4 grams of protein per 1/3 cup of oatmeal

7)      Pork tenderloin.   Not all pork is good, but the tenderloin has fat burning properties, such as it is 4 grams of fat, no carbs and no fiber.   It has 22 grams of protein.  All you need is 4 ounces of pork loin.

8)      Parsnips are basically a pale carrot.   The parsnip has no fat, no calories, 2 grams of protein, and have 25% of your daily protein.   Parsnips are much spicier than carrots.

9)      Onions are great fat burners.   Just do not use them when you are about to meet with someone.   Onions have antioxidants like dark chocolate, sulfur which is great for cardio health, and some onions can even prevent some forms of cancer.


Is the Fat Burning Furnace Program a Scam?

With all the problems of the world today, you have to be careful with where and whom you put your trust in.  This includes diet plans that market themselves solely on the Internet.  The Fat Burning Furnace program is no exception, and there are so many look-alike programs out there, until you have practically to read everything.  So the question remains what is the fat burning scam, and is there any evidence of the program being a scam.

First of all, looking at this program, the fat burning furnace program has all the makings of a typical weight loss program.  You have the testimonials, reviews, diet plan, exercise program, and where to get it all for the low price of x dollars.  When looking for a weight loss program, you must see past the marketing, and what will it do for you initially.  Before getting into any program that involves diet and exercise, you must first write down your goals.  What are your goals?  Is it getting into a size 8 dress, stubborn fat from having a baby, or you just want to look good?  These are all great goals.   Next, before getting into any diet and exercise program, get a physical, and discuss these goals with your doctor.  He or she can give you an idea on how to manage it.  Once you done all these things, you can begin a program.

Looking at the fat burning furnace program from a dietary standpoint, the only thing different between what the author recommends to eat, and what the experts recommend are a couple of food items.  No whole wheat and no carbohydrates.  He also recommends proteins, such as whole eggs, avocados, lean white fish, and nuts.  As for the exercise program portion of this plan, you need to spend about 15 minutes a day, three days a week in order to increase resting metabolic rate.  The author believes in not spending a whole lot of time in the gym.

Basically, just like any diet and exercise program that you use, you need to change your mind set.  If you go into a program just like the fat burning furnace program, and thinking that you were not going to achieve your goals, you will not achieve your goals.  Feeling this way, is nothing more than negative thinking, and negative thinking as a new place in any weight loss program.  You have to want this and you have to need this, in order to have a positive attitude about burning body fat and eventually losing weight.

With the fat burning furnace plan, the e-books are downloadable and once you sign up for the program, it just takes a couple minutes for the program to download onto your computer.  It helps to have a folder on your computer specifically for this program.  Getting into the program itself, there are three e-books for you to look at.  The first one is the main book, and it contains the diet and exercise program.  Book two, contains a supplement or helper to book one.  The last book, book three is nothing more than a charting book.