15 Minute Miracle Scam ?

Posted by on August 13, 2011 at 7:51 pm.

Many times, those who are claiming something is a “scam” are the very people that don’t understand what it is that they are criticizing. This definitely goes for the 15 Minute Miracle scam claims. Though there are those people that insist the entire program is one big scam, their claims can be approached and contradicted if you only have the proper information. By understanding why a person may misunderstand the program and what the truth is, you will realize that the claims of an FBF scam are unfounded.

You can’t burn fat in 15 minutes. This is absolutely correct. You are not going to achieve a great fat burn during a 15 minute workout. Fortunately, fat burn is not the intention of the painstakingly-designed 15 Minute Miracle exercise routines from Fat Burning Furnace. Fat burn is a result of intensive cardio training that pushes your body to burn through all available carbohydrate energy so that it can access your fat stores and burn them for fuel. This is not the point of FBF. Rob Poulos designed his 15 Minute Miracle program not to directly burn fat but to optimize your body’s natural fat-burning capabilities so it will constantly burn through fat stores even during periods of rest. This is accomplished by gaining and maintaining muscle tissue. Lean muscle tissue requires more calories for day-to-day functioning and survival than does non-muscle tissue. By increasing the amount of muscle in your body, you are greatly increasing the natural calorie burn you go through each day. At a rate of 40-60 extra calories per pound a day, a mere 5 additional pounds of muscle tissue can result in thousands of calories a week burned just during the course of your everyday life.

Weightlifting doesn’t make you lose weight, it just makes you bulky. As was just explained above, lifting weights can support weight loss efforts. It doesn’t, however, necessarily make you bulky. The bodybuilders of media glory are extreme examples of what weight bearing exercise can do to a human being. Using relatively low weights in controlled manners will result not in dramatic bulking of the body but a slim, lean, well-toned and healthy appearance. If you want to be Superman, this program is not for you.

The diet “secrets” aren’t secrets. To be technical, no they are not. The principles laid out in the FBF diet plan are based in sound scientific findings that show combining the right nutrients and the right times during the day will help your body function at its peak, support the development and maintenance of muscle tissue and improve your overall well-being. Eating a diet that provides adequate calories, fat, carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients gives you a healthy body that will naturally shed excess weight and give you a sense of balance. The diet prescribed in the FBF plan doesn’t leave you hungry, tired or feeling unwell because it satisfies the actual needs of your body and works with the physical program to maximize benefits.

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