15-Minute Miracle Food Choices

Posted by on September 30, 2011 at 8:05 pm.

When facing the prospect of a new diet plan, you may be worried that you won’t be able to eat the foods you enjoy or be able to make meals for yourself that will also work for your family. The fear that your new diet program will leave you hungry, tired, grumpy and not feeling well is enough to make you change your mind about wanting to lose weight and get healthy. Finding the right program, though, can dispel these fears and make you confident that you will be able to integrate the diet into your life and be successful. A top pick for weight loss and body reshaping programs is the 15-Minute Miracle from Fat Burning Furnace. This program, created by formerly-obese Rob Poulos, combines a super-effective, condensed exercise regiment with a realistic, sound and sustainable diet plan to give you fast, dramatic and, most importantly, maintainable weight loss and body reshaping results.  In fact, users have reported that in less than two months of using the entire program, they have lost upwards of 25 pounds. This breaks down to an average of more than 3 pounds per week without exhausting workouts or drastic dieting!

It may seem that such amazing results can only come from a complicated diet that you must constantly think about in order to follow it correctly. This is not at all the case. The FBF diet is based on simple scientific findings centered around consuming “real” food that makes your body function at its peak so that you will reach and even exceed your weight loss goals while getting healthy. Meals based on this program cover a huge variety and will not only satisfy any family’s tastes, it will teach everyone in the family to eat better and live healthier. The main concept of the FBF diet is combining foods to maximize their benefit to the body. When you learn these combinations you will be totally open to creating whatever type of menu you and your family will like. The options are literally endless, limited only by your imagination. Because the diet does not focus on restricting calories, fats or carbs, even very picky or vegetarian members will be able to eat fully and enjoy this diet. Included in the program is a full-length ebook that offers sample menus to teach you the proper food combinations. With these you can design your own menus based on your needs. For example, breakfast should consist of protein and carbohydrates to get your body going. This could be as simple as a bowl of high-fiber cereal with milk but could also be eggs in a whole grain tortilla, cottage cheese with natural granola or whole-grain toast with cheese. For lunch, the protein and carbs should be paired with vegetables. A turkey sandwich on multi-grain bread with lettuce and tomato is a great choice. So is a green leafy salad with sliced egg and a small baked potato. Dinner carries similar nutrient needs whereas lunch should be protein and fruits and vegetables with a little fat to ensure your body absorbs the nutrients and you stay satisfied.

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